Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello Universe

A new blog is born ever two seconds. So welcome to Universe Willing. I gave birth to this blog today.  How wonderful to have an Aquarian blog.  I retired one blog last year, and a few others are incubating.  Universe Willing was inspired by my desire to have a central place to share some of my writing- mostly essays, six word memoir and haiku. And my photography too.

My goals for Universe Willing:

* Write with courage
* Write with honesty
* Write before midnight
* Write when I don't want to write
* Write about what is real and surreal
* Write about what is uncomfortable
* Write about what is funny and odd 
* Write through my senses
*Write about what doesn't make sense
* Write about history
*Write about dreams
*Write about grief and loss
*Write about adrenaline
*Write about pain
*Write about the planet
*Write about who I love
*Write about who I miss
*Write about .....

* as a writing mentor and author  Judy Bridges says, "Shut Up and Write!